The company establishes in July of 1994, lying on Rudong County Hekou town Zhongtian industrial park, in Jiangsu province, having got the good humanities environment with the geography environment, be apart from there is only 3.5 hours¡¯ route of travel in big Shanghai city, the strand of yellow sea that north is enriched by sea resources enough. The factory coves about twenty thousand square meter. The employee has developed near 2000 people.

Company specialises in high and low transformer, EMI CHOKE, Filter of designing ,manufacturing, and saling, The product uses in the PC POWDER,LCD,LIGHT etc, realm. The company owns the advanced production in profession in of the same kind equipments, in the company president, the general manager leads down, trained a technique for having empirical plentifulness, having high character with manage the troops, the company productivity is above to 150,000,000 products already now, customer¡¯s group too at increase continuously , the main customer has : HIPRO,INSHIN technology, DELTA, AOC, SHIPWELL group etc.

The APT. foundation since starting, namely with ¡°have a foothold quality, scan widely the future¡± is a principle, with ¡°the honesty keeps promise, satisfying the customer¡± is an aim, with ¡° creative, put together the effort, the industry of work¡± is way, the company there will be the new target annually, noticing to quit every moment the proud quits the tetchy, studying the advanced experience that go together the industry continuously , company for the sake of love and esteem that repays customer, decline continuously low cost, with low price space, high quality , excellent service to give something back to your customer, make the customer satisfied , is a company to pursue continuously. The company very welcome you to joint us, hope that making you to get development by contributing our small strength.

Under the joint effort of the company all colleague, the company also obtains to make person can of score, already continuous three years be included in the whole county 50 strong business enterprise, the 2005 company passed ISO9001(2000) nations standardize the quantity system attestation with the UL attestation of the United States, matching the standard of ROHS.APT. was named ¡°3A keep contact with keep promise enterprise¡± in Nantong City. The company will still connect again fierce , creates for the society larger society value, implement the social job.